Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Visit to Karratha for Regional Library Meeting in the Pilbara

On 10 June 2013 I had the honour of attending and presenting at the Regional Library Meeting held at Karratha in the Pilbara region of Western Australia. Representing the Carnamah Historical Society I gave the day's main presentation on local history/heritage, museum collections and the opportunities and outcomes that can be obtained through online endeavours.

I'm sure some will struggle to see the connection with libraries but it couldn't be stronger. The Shire of Roebourne has a local studies collection that includes photographs, documents, records, other ephemera and also objects of local significance. They have involvement with the incredible heritage buildings at Cossack, where a small portion of their local studies collection is on display.

The Shire of Roebourne's Coordinator of Library Services, Lesley DuBois, kindly showed me around Karratha, Wickham, Roebourne and Cossack. It was great to see some of their regional heritage, what is being done and to have innumerable conversations about future potential. It was way too hard not to occasionally divert from chatter to take the below happy snaps.

Picturesque rocky and grassy hill on the edge of Karratha

Aboriginal rock art at Karratha

The old Courthouse Building at Cossack

Inside the old Courthouse at Cossack

Headstone at the Japanese Cemetery in Cossack

View from the lookout at Cossack

Galbraith & Co Building at Cossack - once a general store

Inside the Galbraith & Co Building at Cossack - awesome event space!

Track, grass and hill on the edge of Karratha

Aboriginal rock art / carving at Karratha of a turtle 

If you're going to take a photo of me then I'm going to take one of you!
Three of the great staff from the Shire of Roebourne's four libraries.

One of many shells that covered a rocky hill on the edge of Karratha.
The shells are the remnants of Aboriginal middens.

My thanks to the very hospitable Shire of Roebourne

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